Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McCoy Creek Bike Trail work starts

Construction work started this week on the McCoy Creek Bicycle and Pedestrian Path, a major new neighborhood asset that will provide alternate transportation options and add to the City's safe routes program.

It's the first phase of a bike path that is planned to follow McCoy and Laurel creeks right through the middle of Suisun City.

The work being done now will connect the Central County Bikeway on the north side of Highway 12 with Pintail Drive. That will allow residents of the Pintail area to access the Central County Bikeway to get to the Sunset Avenue Shopping Area.

This phase of the project is being funded by $400,000 in grants from Caltrans and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The BAAQMD offers these types of grants to innovative projects that specifically provide opportunities for alternative modes of transportation.

Work on the new bike path is expected to wrap up in mid-September.

Click here for more detailed information about this exciting addition to Suisun City's bike trail system.

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