Thursday, December 27, 2012

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When we started this Suisun City News blog in 2005, we were exploring a new frontier in online communications.  We weren't sure how many people would use the Internet to keep informed of all the new things going on in the community. Through this blog, our four websites, three Facebooks and three Twitter accounts, we've learned lots of people are interested in what's happening in Suisun City. And we are both grateful and humbled.

In recent months, the City of Suisun City has redesigned its entire website to incorporate a new host of web tools that have become increasingly commonplace in the online world of 2013.  Today, we enabled a subscription option on to enable followers of this blog to continue to receive the latest eNews and Updates, just as you did when this blog was more active.

We would invite you to subscribe to e-mails today or follow us through your favorite web-based news reader at

Even as this blog is officially mothballed, we want to thank everyone with an interest in making Suisun City a better place to live for embracing our growing stable of online tools.

See you soon over at our main hub!