Thursday, December 27, 2012

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When we started this Suisun City News blog in 2005, we were exploring a new frontier in online communications.  We weren't sure how many people would use the Internet to keep informed of all the new things going on in the community. Through this blog, our four websites, three Facebooks and three Twitter accounts, we've learned lots of people are interested in what's happening in Suisun City. And we are both grateful and humbled.

In recent months, the City of Suisun City has redesigned its entire website to incorporate a new host of web tools that have become increasingly commonplace in the online world of 2013.  Today, we enabled a subscription option on to enable followers of this blog to continue to receive the latest eNews and Updates, just as you did when this blog was more active.

We would invite you to subscribe to e-mails today or follow us through your favorite web-based news reader at

Even as this blog is officially mothballed, we want to thank everyone with an interest in making Suisun City a better place to live for embracing our growing stable of online tools.

See you soon over at our main hub!

Friday, September 28, 2012

New City Website Launches Monday

SUISUN CITY - On Monday, city staff will flip the switch to unveil the all new electronic portal for Suisun City.

The switch to a new platform with exciting new integrated features has been in the discussion and development stages for some time. Everything currently on the website will be available when the transition occurs. However, there may be some brief periods of down time during the switch over.

Because the new platform includes integrated blogging features, this site will eventually be phased out.  This blog that allowed us experiment a little and gain valuable experience that allowed us to move to the new web platform.  We thank you for joining us on that journey.

We hope you will enjoy the many new features on the all new!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walmart Coming Soon

SUISUN CITY - A new sign was unveiled in a brief dedication ceremony Thursday afternoon announcing that Walmart is coming soon to Suisun City.

Grading and site preparation will begin in the coming months, with construction beginning in earnest in the Spring, according to Deborah Herron, a Walmart senior public affairs manager who spoke to the assembled crowd.

When the store opens, it will provide the community with hundreds of new jobs, and the opportunity to buy many clothing, home furnishings and other products that are not currently sold by any Suisun City retailer.

Ms. Herron thanked everyone in attendance for their perseverance and determination to see the proposed store all the way from concept to construction, a process that has taken more than six years.

News that Walmart was interested in locating in Suisun City first broke in 2005. By the next year, the company had secured the commercially zoned parcel at Highway 12 and Walters Road, and began the approval process.

The City Council unanimously approved the development plans and environmental studies for the store in February 2008.  In August 2010, California's First District Court of Appeal upheld the City Council's approval.

For more information about this project, please visit the Walmart Walters Road West Project page.