Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sandbags and storm information resources deployed


SUISUN CITY — Additional stocks of sandbags were deployed by Public Works crews and new web-based information resources were put online Thursday ahead of a series of powerful Pacific rainstorms pushing into the region.

A second sandbag location was added between the Fire Station and the YMCA on Pintail Drive at East Wigeon Way. The first-come, first-served stock is a supplement to the sandbags and sand available behind the Police Station on Civic Center Boulevard.

Public Works crews will monitor both locations during the storm event to restock sandbags as possible depending on other storm-related duties.

City officials also updated the storm information and preparation tips at to help residents prepare for the storms and protect their property against damage. A new section was added to allow public safety officials to post live updates to the website during the storm event.

Officials also launched a Storm Information Hotline with information and updates. The Storm Information Hotline is 707-421-7744.

Officials encouraged residents to check the website and use the Storm Information Hotline to stay informed while allowing public safety dispatchers to focus on emergencies during this busy period.

During the forecast storm period, which is expected to last through the weekend, several higher than usual tide events are expected. Tides of more than 5 feet are expected at 11:09 a.m. Friday, 11:43 a.m. Saturday and 12:19 p.m. Sunday. Heavy storm flows in local creeks and channels that coincide with high tides can hinder drainage systems in the lower lying portions of the City, particularly in Whispering Bay, the Waterfront District and Lawler Ranch.

All drainage systems in those neighborhoods are at full capacity after crews inspected and cleaned them during a Citywide maintenance effort during the past several months. Homeowners in flood-prone areas are urged to be vigilant and secure their property with sandbags before flooding begins.

Public Works crews and City public safety personnel will be deployed throughout the upcoming storm event to respond to any emergencies that arise.

To report flooding conditions, call Public Works at 707-421-7349 or Public Safety Dispatch at 707-421-7373.

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