Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Neighborhood Reinvestment Program a Huge Success


Suisun City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Program is succeeding beyond staff expectations and reinvigorating neighborhoods across the City.

Since June, the Redevelopment Agency has issued $42,000 in grants leveraging almost $30,000 in property owner investment in beautifying and increasing home value in Suisun City neighborhoods. This $72,000 partnership has yielded 22 projects, providing:
  • 2 fence replacements
  • 12 exterior paint projects
  • 8 landscaping improvement projects
  • 5 other miscellaneous projects

“Overall the program is working well with exciting new projects coming forward everyday,” Management Analyst Alysa Majer said in her report to the City Council. “It is exciting for both staff and residents as we make small steps in transforming and beautifying the neighborhoods throughout the City.”

“At the end of each project, residents are very excited to see the end result. The beautification is something that would have either taken longer to complete or never have taken place because of lack of funds,” Majer said. “As we continue the program into 2008, we look forward to further reinvesting and improving the look of the neighborhoods and pride of the homeowners.”

The program has enough money available for about 23 additional matching grants.

The Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Program launched in June 2007 with the goal of providing resources and incentives to residents to

  • reinvest in their home and neighborhood
  • develop partnerships between the residents and the City
  • improve the safety, appearance, and value of homes and neighborhoods throughout the City.

This program provides one-time matching grants, up to $2,500, to Suisun City homeowners to beautify and improve the curb appeal of their homes. Eligible improvements include:

  • landscaping improvements
  • exterior house painting
  • removal/replacement of fencing
  • other cosmetic improvements to the home visible from the street

The application process takes about 1-2 weeks once an application is complete. From there, the homeowner has 90 days to complete their project, but on average they have been completed before that deadline.

For more information on the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Program, visit www.suisun.com or call Alysa Majer at 707-421-7345.

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