Sunday, February 22, 2009

Violent Crime Drops in Suisun City


Violent crime in Suisun City has declined to a five-year low, with significant declines in assaults of all categories including aggravated and simple assault, and rapes, the Suisun City Police Department recently announced.

The department saw decreases in burglaries to a three-year low, and auto thefts to levels not seen in five years. The only crime categories showing an increase were robberies and simple thefts, a trend typically associated with a downturn in the economy and consistent with the experience of other local law enforcement agencies, Suisun City Police Chief Ed Dadisho said.

The decrease in violent crime is attributed to several factors, but primarily the following:
  • New beat structure where each beat is composed of one sergeant as a Beat Coordinator and four officers assigned to the specific beat.
  • Creation of a new Special Enforcement Detail that is composed of two sergeants and six police officers working as a task force targeting high crime areas during peak crime days.
  • Funding from the Department of Justice to target violent crime associated with gang members.
  • Eighteen live feed surveillance cameras located strategically throughout the City, a network that is very rare in cities of 27,950 residents.
  • Aggressive community-oriented policing style that is focused on increasing Neighborhood Watch programs and using Code Enforcement to target blighted areas.
"The Police Department will continue to use these programs and strategies to reduce violent crime even lower, but we will begin focusing out attention on robberies," Chief Dadisho wrote in a City Council update. "Our task force will concentrate its efforts to areas prone for robberies to prevent and deter, and hopefully capture the suspects."

To learn more about crime patterns in your neighborhood, click the iMap link on the Police Department's web page.

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