Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lawler Ranch Air Force Fuel Line Update

We are providing this update to keep the community informed regarding continuing work being conducted along Lawler Ranch Parkway related to a fuel pipeline leak discovered on Tuesday.

Overnight Tuesday, environmental contractors working for Travis Air Force Base flushed the storm drains along Lawler Ranch Parkway to remove a small amount of residual fuel that had entered the system. Because this storm drain empties into Suisun Marsh at Johnston Way and rain is in the short-term forecast, additional precautions are being used to ensure there is no possible damage to the Suisun Marsh as a result of this incident.

Because some rain water is continuing to percolate into the storm drain from the surrounding soils, crews will continue to be on the scene on a 24-hour basis for the next several days removing all water from the storm drain. This is being done as an environmental precaution only. There is no public safety risk or any problem with the drinking water in the area. The concern is focused on preventing the possibility of any residual fuels from reaching the Suisun Marsh.

Environmental crews will remain on the scene to monitor the situation and respond as changes in the situation may require.

Travis Air Force Base officials are preparing a plan with local and state regulatory agencies to permanently fix the valve leak.

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