Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suisun City Crews Assist Air Force with Fuel Line Leak


Suisun City staff assisted Travis Air Force Base officials control a small fuel line leak discovered on Tuesday by local contractors working near the intersection of Highway 12 and Lawler Ranch Parkway.

City Fire Department, Police Department and Public Works had crews standing by to assist the Air Force with the leak in military fuel line. There was determined to be no threat to public safety, local water supplies nor local waterways as a result of this leak. Some material entered the storm drain system, but measures were taken to control the fuel and prevent it from entering any wetlands areas.

Environmental contractors working for Travis Air Force Base were expected to work late into the night hours flushing storm drains in the area to remove any residual fuel ahead of expected rain on Wednesday.

Travis Air Force Base released the following statement regarding the incident:
TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – A fuel leak was discovered in a pipeline off Travis Air Force Base near the intersection of Highway 12 and Lawler Ranch Road Feb. 24.

The pipeline leak was discovered at approximately noon by local contractors working near the intersection.

The eight-inch, low-pressure pipeline, owned by Travis, delivers JP8 fuel to the base. Travis engineers are working in conjunction with local authorities to determine the exact origin of the leak.

“The leak poses no threat to the public,” said Lt. Col. Wade Lawrence, 60th Civil Engineer Squadron commander. “Members of the 60th CES continue working with the Suisun City officials and state and county authorities to mitigate any adverse environmental impact.”

The incident remains under investigation and more details will be released as soon as they become available.
We will keep you posted on any updates to the situation in the coming days.

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