Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Sidewalk Provides Safe Route to Crystal Middle School


SUISUN CITY Just in time for the start of school, students have an enhanced safe route to Crystal Middle School using a new Marina Boulevard walkway recently completed by the Suisun City Public Works Department.

The new walkway extends from Lotz Way to Driftwood Drive on the east side of Marina Boulevard providing students an inviting alternative to a dangerous crossing to the west side of Marina Boulevard. The pathway solves an immediate challenge while Public Works plans a $1.5 million bicycle and pedestrian route along the south side of Highway 12.

“The safety of our children getting to school is a top priority, and underlies our commitment to the Safe Routes to School Program,” said Suisun City Councilman Mike Segala, who along with Vice Mayor Jane Day, have represented the City on the school ad hoc committee. “We have worked diligently with our school district partners to provide the off-campus improvements"

“This pathway is a common sense alternative to allowing children to continue to cross Marina Boulevard at a dangerous location,” Segala said.

The Marina Boulevard pathway, setback from Marina Boulevard to provide maximum safety for students, includes a solid permeable surface that meets Americans with Disabilities Act standards while providing adequate drainage during the rainy season. New crosswalks were added at Driftwood Drive to indicate the safest location for students to cross Marina Boulevard.

Previously, students going to Crystal Middle School or returning home along Marina Boulevard south of Highway 12 would often cross at Lotz Way, an intersection with no crosswalks near a curve in the roadway that limits drivers’ sightlines.

The Suisun City Public Works Department will work with Crystal Middle School administrators to educate students walking and riding bicycles to school about the new safe route.

Earlier this year, Suisun City was awarded a $900,000 state Safe Routes to School grant for a pedestrian and bicycle trail from Grizzly Island Road to Driftwood Drive separated from traffic along Highway 12. “This project parallel to Highway 12 will provide a safe route to Crystal Middle School for students that live in Lawler Ranch,” said Segala.

The Public Works Department is working on additional grants to fund the entire $1.5 million project cost.

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