Thursday, August 7, 2008

New overhead signs guide way in Suisun City


The Suisun City Public Works Department installed 23 new signal arm street signs this week at seven major intersections in the City as the final phase of the Citywide Street Sign Replacement Program.

>>Click on the photo at right to see a slideshow of the crew installing the first of the new overhead signs.>>

The $138,000 grant-funded program upgraded every street sign in the City with larger and more distinctive signs the provide a uniform appearance and function. The new signs include the Suisun City schooner design on a highly reflective blue background with white lettering. The old street signs had been installed as new neighborhoods were constructed, resulting in signs that were not always uniform in color and design. Many also badly damaged due to weather exposure or abuse over the years.

The new signs allow not only residents and visitors to more easily navigate the City's streets, but play a vital role in assisting police, fire and medical units responding to calls for emergency assistance.

As part of the replacement program, the Public Works Department offered the old street signs for sale at the "It's a June Thing" celebration and at the July 4th Celebration. The sale of the old signs garnered $3,000 that went right back into the City's Streets Program. The signs that did not sell were recycled, earning the program another $2,000.

We hope every resident and visitor enjoys the new street signs for years to come.

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Jeramy Sossaman said...

i saw one last night. they look great.