Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wise Choices Buoy Suisun City

Mayor Pete Sanchez wrote the following Letter to the Editor of the Daily Republic as an update of the City's fiscal situation:
Given the difficult financial environment everyone is facing today, Suisun City is fortunate to be holding its own when it comes to finances.

While the feds are balancing their budget by printing money, while our governor balances the state budget by borrowing on future lottery revenues, Suisun City leaders are balancing the city budget the old fashioned way: first we make an inventory of the small funds we have, then we conservatively estimate the small amounts we might collect, then we simply make wise decisions on where, when and how much to spend, while keeping more than 20 percent of our money in reserves, for expected rainy days.

I'm extremely proud of the tough financial decisions the Suisun City Council made in my 12 years as councilmember and, more so, in my past two years as mayor. Our city manager and management staff have been prudent, contributing to our vision of financial stability. Our employees have been truly patient, sharing in the sacrifices, making do with smaller salaries than their counterparts in nearby cities. Our residents understood there is this need to wait for street improvements and public infrastructures.

Our fire department, made up of only three salaried firefighters and more than 30 volunteers, deserve special mention for more than $1 million of annual savings to the city.

Suisun City's long term plans call for prudent spending and aggressive partnering with businesses who are bullish on Suisun's future. The new hotel opens in September, a new restaurant opens in spring and Walmart is on the pipeline. Those three projects combined will generate 10 percent more revenue to the city.

All of us in the city are mindful of the difficult times ahead. But we are thankful that we are not expecting cuts in public service, we are not laying off employees, and we are still moving ahead with public works projects.

Pete Sanchez

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