Thursday, March 12, 2009

We're Now Exit 58B!

It's official! The main Suisun City Waterfront District exit from Highway 12 is now Exit 58B!

Crews from Hudson Excavation installed the first of four new signs along the highway designed to improve the visibility of our historic business district to passing motorists.

Additional signs are scheduled to be installed over the next several days, including another large sign at the Civic Center exit that will read "Suisun City Main Street/Civic Center Blvd." For westbound traffic, we're increasing the size of the current Main Street sign.

Improved Highway 12 signage has been a concern of Waterfront District businesses for quite a while. Here at City Hall we've heard stories of people who wind up in Rio Vista and say they have no idea they drove clear through our entire city. These signs along with the Waterfront District emblem the BID painted on the water tank should fix that!

We're also looking at additional signage to help motorists, visitors and residents realize there is a terrific Waterfront and business community right off Highway 12.

So plan to come visit us in Suisun City. Just take Exit 58B from Highway 12!

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