Friday, December 26, 2008

Treecycle the Christmas Tree


With the Christmas holiday winding down, it's time to think about removing live cut Christmas trees from your house before it becomes a fire hazard.

In Suisun City, you can get rid of your live cut tree this way:
  • Call the Boy Scouts at 707-421-5308 to schedule a whole tree pick up for January 6, 13 or 20. The Scouts ask for a $5 donation for trees under 6 feet tall, and $10 for larger trees or those that are flocked or tinseled.
  • Cut your tree to fit inside your green waste toter for regular curbside collection. The toter lid must close. For more information, call Solano Garbage Company at 707-437-8900.
For either method, please remove all ornaments, nails, tinsel, stands and metal spikes from the tree to prevent injury to collection staff or grinding equipment.

Alas, artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable. Please dispose of them in your regular garbage toter.

>>Check out the Treecycling Fact Sheet at>>

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