Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hollywood Came to Suisun City on Wednesday

A production company filming a portion of an episode of the ABC reality-based series "Wife Swap" came to Suisun City on Wednesday to shoot with the Suisun City Fire Department.

The crew was in town for several hours before they headed off to other parts of the Bay Area to continue their work.

Now before you start asking all your friends and neighbors if they were involved: None of the principals involved in the episode were from Suisun City.

The crew phoned Fire Chief Mike O'Brien late Tuesday asking if the Fire Department would put one of the show's participants through the paces. With the opportunity to put Suisun City on a nationally televised entertainment show - and the requisite high level conversations - he quickly said, "Yes."

Chief O'Brien, Captain Greg Bounds and Lt. Greg Renucci put them through the paces of putting on 45 lbs. of fire gear at the firehouse before taking them to the Waterfront District to practice handling a live fire hose with 125-pounds of pressurized water pouring from the nozzle. We even paused by the recently painted water tower for general shots of the fire truck rolling by.

We have no idea yet when the episode will air or how much of the Suisun City footage will survive the editing process. We'll be sure to keep you posted when we find out because we're sure everyone is going to want to see this!

But at least for a few hours today, Hollywood was right here in Suisun City and we did our best to make sure we offered a good close-up.

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