Thursday, April 10, 2008

Y Closed Temporarily

The North Bay YMCA is temporarily closed. The YMCA leases the facilty from the City and operates all its programs independently. City officials are aware of the temporary closure and in contact with YMCA officials.

Here's what Daily Republic reporter Ian Thompson wrote this morning:

"SUISUN CITY - If you want to use the North Bay YMCA in
Suisun City, you will have to wait until Monday.

Residents who showed up Wednesday morning at the YMCA on East Wigeon Way were greeted by a sign taped to the front door that stated the center was closed for a day-long staff meeting.

'It's too bad,' said Margie Howard, who took her nephew to the YMCA. 'It would have been nice to get some warning beforehand.'

Rodney Chin, the YMCA's executive director, later said the center will remain closed until Monday. Chin refused to say specifically why the center would be closed, stating only that the staff was doing repairs and discussing what direction the YMCA might go."

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We'll keep you posted as information develops.

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