Friday, April 25, 2008

Coming Sunday: New Police Beat System

The Suisun City Police Department will kick off a new patrol beat system starting Sunday that will dedicate police officers to particular sectors of the City and increase accountability.

Not only will officers gain specific experience about what is happening where and who is responsible, it will provide Police Department planners with a higher level of information to carry out enforcement strategies and community service enhancements.

Here's how the Daily Republic's Audry Wong described it in her article under the headline "New patrol beats to foster accountability"

SUISUN CITY - Starting Sunday, police will begin a new beat system that Chief Ed Dadisho hopes will create more accountability among residents and officers.

The city will be divided into three beats: western, eastern and central. A sergeant and four officers will be assigned to each beat, Dadisho said, with the officers divided between day and night shifts.

Traffic officers and the crime suppression team will also conduct patrols throughout the day.

The sergeant assignments are Ted Stec in western, Andrew White in central and David Kasid in central.

For years, police divided the city into 11 sectors and officers patrolled the entire city. By stationing officers in beats, Dadisho said they will become familiar with neighborhoods.

To read Audrey's entire article, visit the Daily Republic website.

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