Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We Love Trains

Suisun City has to be the oldest rail stop in Solano County. I don't know that 100% for sure, but Suisun City is one of the oldest settlements in Central Solano County and the Transcontinental Railroad came right through downtown.

But we still love trains! In fact, we have 36 passenger trains a day that come right through our rail depot plus a growing number of freight trains carrying goods from the Port of Oakland out to the rest of the country.

Suisun City is the only stop in the county for the Capitol Corridor! Sitting at the center of the growing Bay to Capital Megaregion, it only makes sense that Suisun City would be a great place for sophisticated, urbane professionals working in the state Capital or the Bay Area.

Sam Whiting of the San Francisco Chronicle recently rode the Capitol Corridor from San Francisco to Sacramento. Though our fair city gets only a passing mention, it's a fun article and a good survey of just who is on that train anyway?

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