Sunday, November 5, 2006

Suisun City Police to Expand Camera Program

Excerpted from Nov. 5, 2006 Daily Republic >>click for complete article (subscription required)>>

By Ian Thompson

SUISUN CITY - Suisun City police hope to have the funding in hand by the end of this month to purchase and put up a dozen wireless cameras in various high-crime locations throughout Suisun City.

Getting the cameras is part of the city's resurgent police force's campaign against crime.
Recent success with anti-graffiti cameras that snap pictures of offenders has spurred the department forward.

One camera the city already has overlooks the marina area from the lighthouse. So far, it has not been a factor in detecting any crime or vandalism in the immediate area, police said.

Local businesses, impressed with what they have heard of the cameras, have already asked if they could purchase their own, "which would be great," Suisun City Police Sgt. Ted Stec said.

The other cameras, once they are acquired, will be put in undisclosed locations police want to monitor better, Stec said.

A large television placed in the police department's dispatch center will monitor the sites around the clock. Computers already in the city's patrol cars will allow patrolling cops to catch the view, too.

In a presentation to the City Council, Suisun City Police Commander Ed Dadisho said the cameras will allow police to have a better idea of what they are dealing with before responding to the area.

Police already used motion-detector cameras to combat graffiti in problem areas such as near the ABC Animal Hospital near the railroad tracks that separate Suisun City from Fairfield.

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