Thursday, November 2, 2006


System allows residents to proactively assist police, protect neighborhoods

SUISUN CITY — A new online mapping system will empower Suisun City residents as active participants in preserving the safety of their neighborhoods. The Suisun City Police Department has proactively pursued crime prevention partnerships with other agencies and the community, which is already one of Solano County’s safest cities.

The new iMap Crime Mapping System is a tool to enable established Neighborhood Watch groups and individual residents and businesses to give crime information and tips directly to the Police Department.

“Suisun City has a long history of a very active and successful Neighborhood Watch program,” said police Commander Ed Dadisho. “If residents see something odd or suspicious, we want to know about it. With this system, they can check online to see if an incident was reported and instantly pass on to our investigators any information they may have about it.”

The iMap Crime Mapping System was developed by Officer Andrew White using Google mapping software display crime report information collected from the Police Department’s reporting system. The automatically updating mapping system is accessible from any Internet-ready computer. It allows residents and business owners to e-mail tips to the Police Department directly from the mapping system.

Suisun City is the first Solano County police agency to provide such detailed information in a simple-to-use online format. “We are really opening up so people know what is going on in their community and can stay involved,” Officer White said.

Police managers will use the iMap Crime Mapping System to better focus enforcement efforts and tailor deployment of the Crime Suppression Unit. While the iMap system provides general information to the public, a more detailed version quickly delivers incident and historical information to officers working particular sectors or incidents.

“With the help of inexpensive, available technology and a little ingenuity, we are providing vital information and enhanced analytical tools to engage our residents and proactively deploy our police forces in Suisun City,” Dadisho said.

The iMap Crime Mapping System can be accessed online at
Suisun City Press Release issued Nov. 2, 2006

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