Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suspect in Early Morning Residential Burglaries Arrested

SUISUN CITY – The Suisun City Police Department arrested a 27-year-old Suisun City man on Tuesday on suspicion of numerous hot prowl residential break-ins dating back to mid-August.

After intensive targeted patrols and an extensive investigation, police collected enough evidence to arrest Jason Lee Harris for entering 11 homes on the east side of Suisun City during late night or early morning hours while the residents slept. Upon entering the home through unlocked doors, the suspect would take any accessible items of value that could be easily concealed then flee.

“This series of hot prowl burglaries was extremely unsettling for Suisun City residents, and very uncharacteristic of local criminal activity,” said police Commander Tim Mattos. “Thanks to the focused efforts of all our officers and civilian personnel on both day and night shifts, we were able to make this arrest and restore peace and safety to neighborhoods east of Emperor Drive.”

Since the burglary spree started in mid-August, the Suisun City Police Department increased enforcement in the areas of the break-ins, and assigned extra officers to special details to identify and apprehend the suspect.

The Police Department also notified all Suisun City residents asking them to be extra vigilant in securing their homes and report any suspicious activity or people to police.

Jason Lee Harris became a person of interest after officers spotted him several times during early morning hours in the area of the reported burglaries. He also lived nearby.

But police investigators were able to secure an arrest warrant for Harris on Tuesday after finding a key piece of evidence at the site of a recent break-in that linked him to the crime.

Harris was arrested and booked into Solano County Jail on multiple burglary charges, and is awaiting arraignment.

The Police Department investigation into this series of break-ins continues.  Anyone with information regarding these incidents should call Sgt. Dave Kasid or Commander Tim Mattos at 707-421-7373.

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