Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to Make Your Christmas Tree Work for the Earth

SUISUN CITY - Now that Christmas is officially over, a lot of people want to get their live tree out of the house. If it is tender dry and dropping its needles, you need to get it out of your home to eliminate a fire hazard.

Rather than have the tree hauled to the landfill, here is how to make sure your tree is converted in reusable mulch for use in landscaping and other beneficial uses that eventually returns it to the soil.

First, remove all the decorations, nails and spikes from the tree.

Once you have a bare tree, you may cut it up into branches and sections that fit into your green waste cart. Make sure your cart lid closes. Solano Garbage will pick it up on your next regular refuse collection day. For more info, call Solano Garbage at 707-437-8900.

Another option is to call the Boy Scouts to schedule a special collection pickup on January 2 or January 9. They ask for a donation of $5 for trees under 6 feet, $10 for taller trees, and $10 for flocked or tinseled trees. Call the Boy Scouts at 707-421-5308.

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