Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sandbags & Pumps Deployed for Street Flooding

SUISUN CITY — Persistent heavy rainfall throughout the day filled the drainage ditches and systems that drain Suisun City streets. As the rain abates and the tides fall, the drains will catch up and localized flooding will subside.

Ditches along Humphrey Drive, Railroad Avenue and the northern stretch of Main Street were running at or over capacity by late Tuesday afternoon. As a result, street drains that feed into those ditches could not operate properly and streets across the City filled with water.

The Suisun City Public Works Department checked and cleared drains throughout the day. As the drainage systems reached capacity, pumps and sandbags were deployed to re-channel water gathering on local streets.

Public Works crews will remain on Flood Watch around the clock and respond to developing situations until weather conditions improve.

Two self-serve sandbag stations were deployed for residents to use 24 hours a day at

Suisun City urges residents to use extreme caution during this rain event. Drive carefully and stay away from drainage ditches.

For more information and tips to safeguard your property, visit the Suisun City Storm Watch page.

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