Wednesday, January 7, 2009

City Council Approves New Recycling Containers


Get ready to say good-bye to your orange recycling tub, and hello to a rolling cart large enough to handle all your household recycling needs.

On Tuesday, the Suisun City Council amended the solid waste contract with Solano Garbage Company to provides 65-gallon recycling carts for each single-family home in the City with no increase in garbage rates.

Solano Garbage also will assist the Code Enforcement Division with four community clean-up events each year, double the two events they help with now.

The agreement allows regular rate increases using the same formula currently in place.

The larger containers, which would replace the 14-gallon orange tubs residents now use, allow easier handling of recyclables, as well as the ability to commingle recyclables. For example, newspaper, bottles and cans could all be placed together in one container for collection.

This service level would be similar to what is available in Fairfield and other communities in the area.

Over the next several months, Solano Garbage and City staff will meet to discuss how the new containers will be distributed, and how residents will be more fully educated about the new service. We expect the new carts to be put into service sometime this spring.

For some time, residents have asked for larger containers with some type of lid to allow them to recycle more items and keep them from being blown around their neighborhoods by Suisun City's trademark winds.

Stay tuned for more details.

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