Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cordelia Road railroad crossing closures set for next week


SUISUN CITY — Suisun City Public Works crews will temporarily close Cordelia Road at the Union Pacific Railroad crossing next week to allow installation of major track and traffic improvements.

From Monday June 16 through Friday June 20, Cordelia Road will be subject to closure to all vehicle traffic to allow Union Pacific crews to replace the road’s entire railroad crossing as part of a major Union Pacific track improvement project.

Drivers are encouraged to avoid the Cordelia Road crossing entirely by using these alternate routes:
  • Eastbound traffic on Cordelia Road should travel north on Pennsylvania Avenue, turn right onto Highway 12 and exit at Civic Center Boulevard (bearing right toward Main Street) to access the Suisun City Waterfront District.
  • Westbound traffic should travel north on Main Street to westbound Highway 12 then turn left at Pennsylvania Avenue and right at Cordelia Road.

Click here for interactive map showing alternate routes.

Union Pacific is installing 40,000 new track ties and upgrading bridges between Suisun City and Martinez as second installment of a multi-year upgrade project between Sacramento and Oakland that will keep the railroad in good condition so trains can operate reliably.

The rail crossing will be replaced by Union Pacific with custom concrete and metal panels laid flush with the rails to ensure a smooth and consistent roadway for motorists. Suisun City Public Works will assist Union Pacific with this critical work.

The railroad improvement project is funded by Union Pacific.

Later this month, Union Pacific expects to close the Sunset Avenue crossing to conduct similar work. Residents should be aware that work is pending, and the City will issue advisories when specific dates and routes are determined.

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