Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What are those scientists doing in Suisun Marsh?

Have you ever wondered just what those field researchers are doing out in Suisun Marsh?

We hear frequently that Suisun Marsh is one of the most important ecological resources in California and perhaps the entire West Coast of North America. We know it is the largest contiguous brackish marsh on the West Coast, and just happens to border our little burg, Suisun City, as one of the best neighbors anyone could request.

But I've never had opportunity (nor desire, frankly, aside from general speculation) to go along with any researchers out into the Marsh to see what they are up to.

But leave it to Anna Opalka, an intrepid student journalist with the UC Davis California Aggie, to don the hipwaders to bring her readers an interesting and readable first-hand account of what UC Davis biologists, researchers and students are looking for as they ply the Marsh. (The short answer: they are catching and counting small fish).

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