Monday, March 24, 2008

New Street Signs Upgrade Every Suisun City Neighborhood


SUISUN CITY — Public Works crews are installing thousands of new street name signs on literally every street corner in Suisun City to significantly upgrade the appearance of the entire community and improve public safety.

The new signs were specifically designed to be highly visible particularly at night to provide consistent landmarks for police units and fire crews responding to calls for emergency assistance.

The variety of street name signs across various neighborhoods in the City will be replaced in the next few months with a larger, distinctive blue reflective sign style that will enable residents and visitors to easily navigate the City.

“This is a major community enhancement with significant benefits to the public safety response for Suisun City residents,” said Public Works Director Fernando Bravo. “This type of infrastructure upgrade has very positive impacts on how people move around the city and respond to Suisun City.”

City officials highlighted the need to replace all the City’s street name signs after repeated resident complaints about signs that were missing, damaged or faded to the point of being illegible.

Because the old signs were installed as subdivisions were built over several decades, the street signs were in a variety of sizes and designs making them difficult to recognize and follow.

The new signs were designed to not only be highly functional but provide an immediate and uniform symbol to residents and visitors alike that they are in Suisun City. Emblazoned with a schooner sailing on a blue background, the signs establish a clear identity for the community.

The street signs project was funded through a $125,000 state Workforce Housing Grant.


Signs will be installed in 6 phases, as follows:
  • Quail Glen – end of February
  • Dover Terrace – first two weeks of March
  • California Tapestry/Heritage Park– second two weeks of March
  • Waterfront District – First two weeks of April
  • Lawler Ranch – second two weeks of April
  • Montebello Vista/Peterson Ranch – first two weeks of May.
Although sections may be completed, staff will evaluate each street again to make sure all street signs were replaced. All street signs should be replaced by the end of May.


The Public Works Department will sell the old street signs that are being removed. This is intended to be a fun opportunity for residents to show their support for their community.

Two of each street name sign will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at a City-run booth at the Junefest event on June 7 at Harbor Plaza for approximately $10 each. Proceeds will be deposited in the Public Works street maintenance fund.

Those interested in purchasing a sign are encouraged to visit for more information.

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