Monday, March 10, 2008

Citizens group threatens suit over Wal-Mart

By Carol Bogart

SUISUN CITY - A citizens group opposed to the Wal-Mart Supercenter has engaged a Sacramento law firm to challenge the Suisun City Council's approval of the project last month.

In a letter faxed to Suisun City Mayor Pete Sanchez, the City Council and City Clerk Linda Hobson, the law firm of Kenyon Yeates warned that the Suisun Alliance will file a lawsuit unless the City Council rescinds its approval of the project or proposes alternative settlement terms.

The letter stated that the action will commence 'on or about March 13.'

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Annette said...

I WILL SUPPORT SUISUN CITY….... I am so sick and tired of these "Against Walmart people".
I could name them, because I am so angry with them. YOU must have a lot of money to waste, because I don't!! Yes, I live in Lawler Ranch and have for 15 years and plan to retire here.

I need some alternative shopping to save some money to survive through this economy like it is.

I am sick and tired of going to other cities, giving them my money that helps their revenue just because we don’t have the appropriate shopping we need. And Suisun has a deficit. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

We need our schools, we need our police, we need our fire. (Unless you are willing to open up your wallet and give everything you have to pay for it all by yourself). Yeah, I bet not!

If they try to recall or lawsuit, I will fight it, and do everything in my power, I will get people together, whatever I have to do. I will send my own posts out, I will make my own copies and pass them out (HOUSE BY HOUSE), against the No-Walmarters. You have irritated the wrong person!

I wish you would just shut UP. Ohhhhh They make me so mad !

The “Againsts” are ruining Suisun, wasting Suisun Money by fighting NEEDED Suisun Revenue.
And you are wasting MY TAXPAYER MONEY!

Really disliking them for what they are doing and some of them live in the same neighborhood as I.

Every other town is building up nicely, and I think we (Suisun) deserve convenient shopping too. And you all know who you are! I WILL SUPPORT THE CITY OF SUISUN. We need the REVENUE !!! you IDIOTS.

You've struck a bad nerve with me. If you don't like SUISUN… MOVE >>>> Please
We don’t need people like YOU!

Anonymous said...

I am a Walmart opposer. I never thought I would be until this one decided to pop up on a corner that is under one mile from my home and child's school.

I understand the push for more convenient shopping, (I'd like it too!!) but why Walmart? So we can put other local privately owned small businesses out of business? Why not promote non-corporate companies to develop within our city? This supports our economy with the taxes due from the business AND puts money into the resident's pockets to then be spent within the community.

If it must be a Walmart, why put it on undeveloped land? There are two crumbling strip malls in the area that are not only and eye-sore, but they also are only half filled with businesses. Walmart has the money. Why not buy out the strip and develop there?

The intersection that they are proposing for this project is already unsafe-- due to the change of the special driving zone while entering Suisun and reckless driving with disregard of driving laws-- and has high traffic volume. Increasing the traffic in the area will only add to these factors.

The claims that this will improve our fire and police departments also does not account for the increasing need that will be put upon them directly due to Walmart. Increasing calls for police assistance in response to vehicle break-ins, shoplifting, assaults, accidents , etc. Fire departments in the city are also the first to respond to medical emergencies. When you increase the population in an area you also increase the chances of these emergencies occurring; especially when you consider a typical Walmart customer has a higher chance of being an elderly individual who cannot afford to pay more during these tough financial times.

Are these supporters also aware that the Fairfield Walmart store will be closing upon the opening of the Suisun location? So, where do Fairfield residents go for the low cost option? Suisun. Anyone you speak to will agree that Fairfield has a much higher crime rate and more gang affiliation than is present in Suisun. So, now our officers are going to be dealing with these same high risk individuals that Fairfield is currently trying to vanquish.

Speaking of Fairfield... Does anyone wonder why they aren't fighting to KEEP their Walmart? If it's such an advantage to a community, why would a neighboring city allow this to happen?

Are the supporters also aware that the city officials, upon approving the construction, gave themselves substantial raises? If their interest truly rests in the city's best interest, shouldn't that be their top priority-- not padding their pockets--? They ran for a position for which they knew the pay rate. If they did not feel this was an amount worthy of their time, why take the job?

Lastly, why hasn't these been put to city residents for a vote? It's the residents and the city's services that are impacted by this proposal. Let them decide how to act on it, not a few that have more personal interest in the matter.

And to the other commentor... You do need me. I volunteer to assist within the community and my tax dollars go to pay for your city parks, your police dept, your fire dept, your schools, your roads, your public services, and your city officials. I have every right to expect them to hold MY interests in the same light as they do the supporter's interests.

Anonymous said...

It's not the fact that it is a Walmart, they could put in something else that would save me some money on shopping like Winco or something. BUT, NO ONE wants to come here. That is the point.

I just don't like the fact, that people are trying to run Walmart out (they are the only ones that would consider coming), and we do need the revenue. I don't see anyone breaking down Suisuns door to move here.