Monday, September 5, 2005

Visiting family and enjoying the food in Suisun City

Daily Republic // Monday, Sept. 5, 2005
By Brad Stanhope

SUISUN CITY - What better way to celebrate a trip to the West Coast and a military promotion in the family than with Greek food on the Suisun City waterfront?

"I've been here five days and I haven't seen a cloud," says Mike Lloyd, a newspaper editor from Grand Rapids, Mich., who is eating lunch with his daughter-in-law and grandson at the Athenian Grill. "The weather is fantastic - why live anywhere else . . . except for the house prices."

Lloyd is eating with Kristen Lloyd and her 2-year-old son Jack. It's their first visit to the heralded Greek restaurant and they're sitting outside on a warm weekday.

Kristen says she asked the waitress for a suggestion, since Greek food was a new experience.
"I've mostly eaten it at fairs and carnivals," she says, laughing. "I'm impressed."

The visit to the Athenian Grill comes during Mike's visit to celebrate his son's promotion to lieutenant colonel at Travis AFB.

"Since he was visiting from out of town, we were looking for adventure," Kristen says. "This is an adventure. We'd heard it's a great restaurant. It was highly recommended by Air Force families."

While Mike and Kristen eat their Greek lunches, Jack munches on a more kid-appropriate faire.

"He's a good restaurant guy," Kristen says. "Give him chicken and fries and it's all right."

Mike plans to leave the area today and return to the upper Midwest. He'll leave behind the warm, non-humid weather, sunny skies, Greek food and his son, daughter-in-law and grandson.
And also, the high housing prices.

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