Thursday, May 12, 2005

Suisun opens new Jepson Parkway bypass

By Mike Adamick
SUISUN CITY - The road begins where soggy marshes solidify into farmlands and cow pastures, a stark contrast to the steely belt of traffic-choked Interstate 80 that has been the main route through Solano County for decades.

The twisting 12-mile bypass known as Jepson Parkway skirts the eastern fringes of Suisun City, Fairfield and Vacaville, coursing through strawberry patches and eucalyptus groves.

But scenery is not the main goal-- it's traffic relief.

There's still years and millions of dollars in work left before the parkway is complete, but transportation officials hailed the grand opening Friday of a wider thoroughfare at Walters Road in Suisun City as a key piece of the three-city puzzle that provides residents with an alternative to the oft-congested freeway.

Regional commuters and Sierra Nevada pleasure seekers could see benefits from the new route, too, because they will no longer have to compete with local residents who have relied on I-80 as the main pathway to nearby cities. >>MORE>>

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